Prof.dr. Henk G. Sol

Name:                Henk Gerard Sol
Address:             Woldweg 3
9752 XH Haren, The Netherlands
Phone:                +31 503096020
Mobile:               +31 653212446
Date of Birth:    11 – 08 – 1951
Place of birth:    Borger, The Netherlands
Married to:        Jacqueline Jeannette Kuneman
Father of:           Remco Harmen, born 18-07-1977
Jeanine Jolette, born 22-08-1979
Guido Jasper, born 09-05-1983

Academic Career

1974 – 1984 Assistant Professor at the Department of Management Sciences, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.
Responsible for the program in Management Information Systems.
Defended, cum laude, the dissertation ‘Simulation in Information Systems Development’, in April 1982 with promotores Prof.dr. A. Bosman and Prof.dr. A.A.Verrijn Stuart.

1984 – 1998 Chaired Professor Information Systems Design, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Responsible for the development of a new MSE degree in Information Systems.
Director of the Research program Complex Information Systems.

1988 – 1992 Chair Department of Information Systems.
Member of the Faculty Board, Associate Dean Research.

1992 – 1998 Founding Dean of the School of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Responsible for development of research and education programs, for internal and external funding and for faculty development.
Prepared for the merger, in 1998, of the Faculty of Technology and Society and the School of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management to form the Facultyof Technology, Policy & Management.

1992 – 2000 Chaired Professor of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management.

1999 – 2004 Scientific Director Delft Institute for Information Technology in Service Engineering.
Scientific Director of the Delft Airport Development Center.

2000 – 2003 Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management,
Chaired Professor of Business Engineering and ICT.

2002 Honorary Promotor of Prof.dr. Richard de Neufville – MIT.

2003 – 2004 Chairman of Delft TopTech Studies, School for Executive
Education and Chaired Professor of Systems Engineering.

2004 – 2007 Dean of the Faculty of Management and Organization, Groningen University, The Netherlands and Chaired Professor of Business Engineering and ICT at Groningen University and at Delft University of Technology.

2007 – 2008 Founding Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Groningen University, The Netherlands.

2008 – 2009 Chaired Professor of Business Engineering and ICT at Groningen University and at Delft University of Technology.

2009 – 2017 Chaired Professor of Business Engineering and ICT at Groningen University and Advisory Professor at PBLQ in The Hague.

2017 – present Emeritus Professor University of Groningen and Delft University of Technology.

2018 – 2022 Visiting Professor the Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania.

Engaged Scholarship

For over 45 years Prof. Sol has been a driver of engaged scholarship in the field of information systems and decision enhancement.
With his school of 86 PhD’s supervised as promotor he contributes largely to the foundation of design science research.
In addition, he is responsible for the graduation of over 800 MScs in Engineering and MBAs.
All dissertations are based on theory development from issues that matter in practice, in developing as well as in developed countries.

Prof. Sol has organized numerous international conferences and workshops, of which the CRIS series and Dynamic Modeling conferences have been seminal.

He has published widely in renowned journals and has edited many books.
He has given many keynote presentations all over the world.

He is co-founder of the Association of Simula Users and was from 1974 – 1978 a Council Member and Chairman of this organization.

Prof. Sol is co-founder and member of IFIP TC 8, W.G. 8.1, 8.2, 8.4.
He has received the IFIP Outstanding Service Award and the IFIP Silver Core.

Prof. Sol is co-founder and first Vice-President of the Association for Information Systems. He is honoured as Fellow of AIS (FAIS).

He is originator of the Council for Engineering Systems Universities and of the Global Technology Management Consortium.

He is co-founder of the Dutch Society for Information Systems.

Prof. Sol initiated the first Dutch, European and global ICIS Doctoral Consortium on Information Systems. He was involved with many doctoral consortia as faculty or chair.

Editorships (fulfilled)

– Senior Area Editor DSS Journal
– Editor Information and Management
– Editor Journal Simulation Practice and Theory
– Editor Journal of Decision Systems
– Editor Wirtschaftsinformatik / Business and Information Systems Engineering
– Associate Editor Organizational Science
– Editorial Advisory Board Journal of Information Systems Research
– Associate Editor Communications of AIS
– Advisory Board HICCS
– Editor in Chief Keesing Journal of Documents
– Advisory Board Information Systems and e-Business Management
– Senior Advisory Board Jitta, IS Research Journal

Professional Activities

He has acted as a management consultant for various governments and a large range of national and international organizations since 1972.

He has been the Chairman or a Member of the Board of Supervisory Directors of Incontrol BV, Utopics BV, ADP International BV, Joh Enschede BV, Dartagnan BV, PEIC BV, Groningen Airport Eelde NV, Winner Yachts BV.

He has been on the (supervisory) board of over 35 organizations,

member of het Hoofdbestuur en van het Dagelijks Bestuur van de Europese Beweging in Nederland,

initiator samenwerkingsverband Euregio Nord,

initiator Werkgroep Architectuur van Informatiesystemen van de Sectie GGV van het NGI,

founder and chairperson Sectie Simulatie van Systemen van het NGI,

member Sectie Operationeel Onderzoek van de Vereniging voor Statistiek,

member Sectie GGV van het NGI,

chairperson Werkgroep Decision Support Systemen van de SOR,

chairperson Stichting Strategic Management Foundation Europe,

assessor various institutions HBO,

member steering committee Landelijk Technologie debat,

chairperson  Externe Deskundigen t.b.v. het Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat,

chairperson IT-forum,

chairperson Sectie, later Afdeling, Informatiesystemen van het NGI,

member Board Stichting Informatica Onderzoek in Nederland,

chairperson Werkgemeenschap Informatiesystemen, 

chairperson Stichting PAO-Informatica,

chairperson Stichting Fonds PAO-Informatica,

chairperson Stichting Technologie Fonds Nationale Nederlanden,

chairperson Stichting Informatica Congressen, 

vice chairperson Raad voor het Openbaar Bestuur, 

honorary member studievereniging Curius, 

member commissie ICT en Overheid,

member of the Board Het Expertise Centrum,

member Raad van Advies van EPN – Platform voor de Informatiesamenleving, 

member Board Stichting Allersmaborg,

chairperson various accreditatie- en visitatiecommissies,

chairperson Commissie Toezicht van de klipper Nicolaas Mulerius,

initiator en member Board Stichting Alumni Economie en Bedrijfskunde Groningen,  

member Technische commissie bodembeweging,

rear commodore Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeil- en Roeivereeniging,

chairperson Noordzeeclub.


initiator of the Association of Simula Users, 1974 – 1978 Council Member and Chairman,

initiator and member IFIP TC 8, W.G. 8.1, inititator and chairperson W.G. 8.3, guest of W.G. 8.2 en W.G. 8.4. Dutch representative in IFIP TC 8, responsible for the organisation and editing of many IFIP conferences, holder of the IFIP Silver Core and the IFIP Outstanding Service Award,

founding vice-president Association for Information Systems, Fellow Association for Information Systems,

founder Council of Engineering System Universities,

founder the Global Technology and Management Consortium,

chairperson External Review Committee MIT Portugal Program,

chairperson External Review Committee University of Minho,

member Board of Trustees Institute for Information and Communication,

chairperson Board of Trustees Uganda Technology and Management University.


1963 – 1969 Gymnasium Beta, Assen, the Netherlands.

1969 – 1972 Undergraduate study Economics, Mathematics, Econometrics and Management Sciences at Groningen University, the Netherlands.
Research assistant Programming in Algol 60.

1972 – 1974 Graduate study Econometrics, Operations Research and Information Systems. Graduated cum laude in July 1974 with Master’s Thesis ‘Simula, Simulation, Simulation languages’.
Research assistant Simulation and Management.
Member of the student board.
Member of the Executive Board of the European Movement in the Netherlands.

Postacademic Education

1974 – 1984 Postgraduate education undertaken at the universities of Oslo,
Stockholm and Aarhus.