PhD Holders

2002 prof.dr. R. deNeufville doctor honoris causa

  1. 1988 dr. F.D.J. van Schaik, Effectiveness of Decision Support Systems
  2. 1989 dr. M.B.M. van der Ven, A group decision support system for transfer pricing in the pharmaceutical industry
  3. 1989 dr. P.W.G. Bots, An environment to Support Problem Solving
  4. 1990 dr. ir. D. Coppieters, An Intelligent Gaming Environment
  5. 1991 dr. ir. P.M. Motshagen, Treasury Management en In-house banking
  6. 1991 dr. ir. H.M. Böhms, Reference Models for Industrial Automation
  7. 1991†dr. ir. J.H. ter Bekke, Semantic Data Modelling in Relational Environments
  8. 1991 dr. F.W. Wierda, Developing Interorganizational Information Systems
  9. 1991 dr. ir. G.M. Wijers, Modelling support in Information Systems Development
  10. 1991 dr. ir. A. Verbraeck, Developing an Adaptive Scheduling Support Environment
  11. 1991 dr. ir. J.M. Versendaal, Separation of the User Interface and Applications
  12. 1991 dr. ir. J.A. van Weelderen, MEDESS: A methodology for Designing Expert Support Systems
  13. 1992†mr. dr. ir. Th.J.G. Thiadens, Het IT-dilemma: inpassen van of herontwerpen met…
  14. 1992 dr. ir. R. de Jong, An adaptive Trip Planning support Environment
  15. 1992 M. de Waard, Computer Aided Conformance Checking
  16. 1992 dr. ir. R.C.J. Dur, Business Reengineering in Information Intensive Organizations
  17. 1992 dr. Th.W. Schlickmann, Decision Support in Distributed Systems
  18. 1993 dr. ing. D.P.N.M. IJpelaar, Beslissingsondersteuning bij het bepalen van een informatie strategie
  19. 1993 dr. ir. T.F. Verhoef, Effective Information Modelling Support
  20. 1993 dr. ir. H.K. Li, RITL: An Information System for Reuse – in the large –
  21. 1993 dr. ir. R.J. Streng, Dynamic Modelling to Assess the Value of Electronic Data Interchange
  22. 1993 dr. ir. P.R. Schrijver, Supporting Fleet Management by Mobile Communications
  23. 1994 dr. ir. J.W. van Meel, Dynamics of Business Engineering
  24. 1994 dr. M.J. Hoogeveen, The Viability of Multimedia Retrieval Systems for Marketing and Sales
  25. 1995 dr. ir. C.A.P.G. van der Mast, Developing Educational Software
  26. 1995 dr. ir. Vreede, Facilitating Organizational Change
  27. 1996 dr. ir. D.T.T. van Eijck, Designing Organizational Coordination
  28. 1997 dr. ir. M.N.F. Babeliowsky, Designing Interorganizational Logistic Networks
  29. 1997 mw. dr. A.N.W. Dahanayake, An Environment to Support Flexible Information Modelling
  30. 1997 dr. ir. R.R. Meinsma, Decision Support in Business Environments
  31. 1997 dr. ing. J.J.M. Uijlenbroek, Designing Electronic Document Infrastructures
  32. 1998 dr. ir. C.W. van den Herik, Group Support for Policy Making
  33. 1998 dr. D.H. van Egeraat, A Herculean Task
  34. 1998 dr. J.H.F.M. Klep, Arithmeticus, Simulatie van Wiskundige Bekwaamheid
  35. 1999 mw.dr. ir. M. den Hengst, Interorganizational Coordination in Container Transport
  36. 1999 †dr. R. Mgaya (MBA), The Adoption and Diffusion of Group Support Systems in Tanzania
  37. 1999 dr. ir. F.A.B. Lohman, The Effectiveness of Management Information
  38. 2001 mw. dr. ir. R. W. Vroom, Zicht op Product- en Procesontwikkelingsinformatie
  39. 2001 dr. ir. M.F.W.H.A. Janssen, Designing Electronic Intermediaries
  40. 2001 dr. ir. J.J. de Graaff, Developing Interactive Systems, a Perspective on Supporting Work
  41. 2001 mw. dr. ir. W. Bockstael, Chains and Networks in Multimodel Passenger Transport
  42. 2002 dr. ir. J. Stavenuiter, Cost Effective Management Control of Capital Assets
  43. 2002 dr. A. van Venrooij, Nieuwe vormen van interorganisationele publieke dienstverlening
  44. 2003 dr. P. van den Brink, Social, Organizational, and Technological Conditions that enable Knowledge Sharing
  45. 2003 dr. ir. J. van Laere, Coordinating Distributed Work, Exploring Situated Coordination with Gaming-simulation
  46. 2004 dr. ir. H.J. Honig, Towards On-line Logistic: the LinC Interaction Modeling Language
  47. 2004 dr. ir. C. Versteegt, Holonic Control For Large Scale Automed Logistic Systems
  48. 2004 dr. K. Dittrich, Innovation Networks: Exploration and Exploitation in the ICT industry
  49. 2004 dr. ir. Y.A. Saanen, An Approach for Designing Robotized Maritime Container Terminals
  50. 2004 dr. ir. E.A.M. van de Kar, Designing Mobile Information Services Exploring a Service Design Approach for Network Organizations
  51. 2005 dr. ir. Z. Stojanovic, A Method for Component-Based and Service-Oriented Software Systems Engineering
  52. 2005 dr. ir. S. Daskapan, Building Survivable Security Infrastructures
  53. 2005 dr. R. van Horik, Permanent Pixels
  54. 2005 dr. T.M. Tewoldeberhan MSc, Gaining Insight into Business Networks
  55. 2005 dr. ir. P.H.M. Jacobs, D-Sol-Suite
  56. 2005 dr. M. McDonalds MS,c Architecture Led Transformation: Building Out Strategy and Vision
  57. 2005 dr. J. van Wamelen, Organisation of Public Organisation Information Services in a Network Society
  58. 2007 dr. ing. J.H.M. van Grinsven MSc RE, Improving Operational Risk Management
  59. 2007 dr. ir. R. Chin, A suite of Visualization Services to Support Mainport Planning
  60. 2007 †dr. ir. S. Muniafu, Development of Web-enabled Services in Transition Countries
  61. 2007 dr. ir. S.P. van Houten, A Suite for Developing and Using Business Games
  62. 2007 dr. ir. L. Bonebakker Workload Correlation in Systems Design Exploration
  63. 2007 mw. dr. N. Mulira MSc, Effective Information Systems Design and Implementation in African Universities
  64. 2008 dr. ir. Y. Wang, A Studio Based Approach for Business Engineering and Mobile Services
  65. 2008 dr. ir. N. Chen, Discovery Services in Information Rich Environments
  66. 2009 dr. R. Okot-Uma MSc, Improving International Relations Conferences through Virtual Interactions
  67. 2010 dr. S. Fernando, Designing Learning Object for Adaptive Learning
  68. 2010 dr. J.J. Yonazi, Enhancing Adoption of e-Government Initiatives in Tanzania
  69. 2010 dr. ir. R. Gonzales, A Framework for Coordination Support in Critical Incident Management Systems
  70. 2011 dr. W. van Diggelen, Changing Face-to-Face Communication Collaboration Tools to Support Small Group Discussions in the Classroom
  71. 2011 dr. ing. E. Valentin, Simulation Building Blocks for Effective Problem Solving Support
  72. 2012 mw. dr. A. D. B. Habinka, A Decision Enhancement Studio for Starting Miners in Uganda
  73. 2012 dr. P. Ssemaluulu Mukasa, An Instrument to Assess IS Success in Organisations in Developing Countries
  74. 2012 mw. dr. M. Amiyo, Decision Enhancement to Improve Business Process Agility
  75. 2013 dr. A.J.  Knol, A Decision Enhancement Studio for Developing Shared Service Centers in the Dutch Government
  76. 2014 dr. R.A. Meijer, Business Cases en ICT Intensieve Overheidsprojecten
  77. 2014 dr. R. Aregu, Market and Price Decision Enhancement Services for Farmers in Uganda
  78. 2015 dr. D.P. Mirembe, The Threat Nets Approach to Information Systems Security Risk Analysis
  79. 2016 mw. dr. P. Katumba, A Decision Enhancement Studio for Water Asset Management
  80. 2016 dr. M.J.Bekker, Digital Governance in Support of Infrastructure Asset Management
  81. 2016 mw. dr. P.R. Tumwebaze, Decision Enhancement for Poultry Farmers in East Africa
  82. 2017 dr. W.H.Timmerman, Facilitating the Growth of Local Energy Communities
  83. 2018 mw. dr. H.K.Namatovu, Enhancing Antenatal Care Decisions among Expectant Mothers in Uganda
  84. 2018 dr. R. Tweheyo, Indigenous Knowledge and Food Security: Enhancing Decisions of Rural Farmers
  85. 2018 dr. B.T. Baya, Enhancement of Watershed Management in Tanzania using PESDES
  86. 2019 mw. dr. P. Olango, A Document Enrichment Approach to Facilitate Reading Comprehension